Hello my name is Foim

It seems that your mission is to pay systems a colourful visit as much as possible. Do you have any idea how many cities you hit in your career so far?
I think I've done about 100 systems in the last 15 years – but it's also about looking at the cities and meeting new people and just having a good time there.
Also, with every city and every system, you get more experienced and more open to new things. And every trip is an enrichment for me even if I couldn't crack a system. The fun is the most important thing to me.

Which cities or train systems have you enjoyed the most so far?
My favourite place to go so far is the Parisian tunnels. I have been there very often. It’s a very big system, and it is also a lot of fun to look at new things there.
Although I must say that my last visit last year hasn’t been that good, because they upgraded it with cameras and sensors.

What still keeps you motivated to kick steel after – I guess – several thousands of successful missions?
In all these years, there were moments when I had absolutely no desire to paint, because I had other problems or concentrated on other things. Because Graffiti does not pay your rent and does not make sure that there is bread on the table. Fortunately, I have an intact professional and private life, which many writers can't say for themselves. I'm happy with my job and my life and I'm also happy that I can separate that well. When I don't feel like painting, I switch to “normal life” mode, and when I feel like being a vandal I switch to my “Graffiti” mode.
I can't really explain what drives me. There's a fire burning inside me, and when it starts, I just have to get out and paint. But for me, it ignites every two to three days. It’s simply my lifeblood.

How important is the photo of a painted train to you?
Getting pix of the trains is very important, but it is more important to me when I know that they are on the road and see others or see them on other sites on the net. Every action I do is in my heart and if I don't get a photo, it just is what it is. It is a different story in a foreign country.
There it’s quite important because most subways are not running, and they are cleaned on the spot. Especially, if you make a beautiful and rare model.

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