Hello my name is DMOTE

Please give us a short introduction of yourself …
I write DMOTE and I started writing in 1986, DMOTE since 1987. I am from Sydney Australia but have lived in the USA since 2007, NYC since 2009. I am interested in lettering and style and less importantly characters, and I am not interested in muralism or street art. Beside DMOTE, I also write SHANK since 1995.

Are there any crews?
I’m down with TATS CRU in NYC, and I’m down with them because they are my long-time family here – this is a real crew! But I still have reservations because I wasn’t there in the ’80s with them and I didn’t grow up in the South Bronx with them. But I’ve been to births, deaths and marriages with my friends so that counts for something.
For the most part in my opinion, crews in 2020 don’t mean much. It’s been just three letters at the end of your name for a while and people so thirsty to write an NYC crew, or write 7 different crews – it means nothing. A lot of clout chasing.
My other crew is PS. It’s really just me and a few friends that don’t really write. It’s an anti-crew for all the reasons I listed above. It was my first crew from the ’80s I started. Ain’t nobody left but me.

Would you count yourself to the US or to the Australian scene?
At the moment, I identify with NYC, but my history, the years that shaped my experience as a writer, is in Sydney.
I travel a lot, so I’ve been pretty international but at the end of the day, I am Australian.

When I study your pieces, I have the feeling that your style is timeless – would you consider this an honour or not?
That’s an honour because that’s what I’m trying to do, thanx! I want them to be able to exist now and also in the ’80s. This is the height of style for me. I am also making up for lost time. I wasted most of the ’90s doing wack shit, so I’m trying to perfect my style now.

How would you describe this perfect style?
No mistakes, style is key, understanding the moves you’re making, weight, balance and the right amount of movement and your own flair is key.

I think you are one of the few who master it all: trains, walls, tags, characters, throw-ups, and sketches – is there anything you would say is the most important thing for you?
I love it all! I love doing throw-ups, and if I can get a train done, I’m very happy. It’s important to me to get something done on the streets or trains – or you’re pretty much retired.

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