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Molotow GRAFX Aqua Twin Complete

marker set


Item No. TI5006301
incl. VAT 43,70 €
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Additional Information

Molotow GRAFX Aqua Twin Complete
, Graffiti-Supply-Deals

The Molotow GRAFX Aqua Twin Complete Maker Set provides an ideal base whether drawing, illustrating or designing. You will receive, depending on your choice of Set, all grey tones or colors available in the Twin Marker range.
However, if you decide on having both sets, then you have the entire color palette available at your fingertips!

Color set includes:
001 Primary yellow
003 orange
005 vermilion
008 pink
010 purple
011 primarily blue
012 cyan
013 turquoise
015 dark green
016 yellow green
019 brown
022 deep black

Grey set includes:
024 neutral grey 01
025 neutral grey 02
026 neutral grey 03
027 neutral grey 04
029 cold grey
030 cold grey 01
031 cold grey 02
032 cold grey 03
033 cold grey 04
035 warm grey
037 warm grey 02
039 warm grey 04

Item No.: P.TI50063