Stylefile X Gizem Winter

for adidas Originals

Für die Comfy Chords Collection by adidas Originals hat die Illustratorin ein exklusives Kartenspiel mit uns produziert — einzeln erhältlich uns als Give-away zu jedem Teil der Kollektion (nur solange der Vorrat reicht).

Zur Comfy Chords Collection

Hello my name is Gizem Winter

How would you describe your style? / Describe your style in a hashtag!

Who or what inspires you?
Subjets as femininity, traditions, rituals, modern spirituality, inspires me the most at the moment.
And images or stories of smart, strong looking women inspire me a lot when I draw portraits.

How long have you been active as an artist?
Since about eight years.

Have you arrived stylistically or does the style and your goals keep changing?
I haven’t really. My illustration style changes constantly since I’m very curious and excited about different mediums, materials, subjects and styles.
So the content and the style of my illustrations/paintings and my goals about my art change in direct proportion to my interests I guess.