Dizy for NIKE

Create your story!

#BundleUp mit den exklusiven HELLO-Sticker-Packs in NEON-Edition.
Jetzt zu jeder NIKE Wash Pack-Bestellung und nur so lange der Vorrat reicht!

Dizy´s Neon-Look in #green:

When Dizy started graffiti, no other girl did it. No role model to look up to – so she became one.

What is it about you and your style?
I am a graffiti writer. I do basically stylewriting.

"Create your story" - Which story would you like to tell with your art?
I am always an adventurous girl. I like to take risks, challenges, break norms, seek the truth alone. Since I was a kid, I haven't let people influence or manipulate me in what they say, what the system says when something is not meant for me physically or mentally unless it's the right thing to do. So when I discovered graffiti, it was a perfect fit for my fire in me to express myself physically and mentally through graffiti. Graffiti in a lot of shops isn't a big deal either, but for me it's because when I started, no other girl did classic graffiti. I had no one to look up to, so I had a lot of challenges to face and I had to work really hard. It's like being a writer in New York in the 70s. Dangerous, unsafe, it was not easy physically and mentally.
So I don't just paint, I empower other women through my travel and my art.

What does art mean to you?

How long have you been active as an artist and how did you get into it?
I got into graffiti through hip-hop. At school, my friend introduced me to breaking pop culture. It was so fascinating to me that I started doing it. I later discovered graffiti as a hip-hop element through hip-hop music videos and was also discovered on the streets of Delhi by some foreign writers / artists.

What do you wish for the future?
I would like more woman power for a balanced, positive world.

What does “Creators gonna create” mean to you?
No matter what challenges stand in your way, no matter what people say or say, just keep moving if it comes from the heart.

Impressionen by Dizy